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No hazardous agents or substances

With dry ice blasting there are no toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals or solvents used. Due to this there is no toxic or environmentally harmful vapour (Steam). No endangerment of employees when handling with toxic and harmful substances.

Easy disposal

No blasting material is left by dry ice blasting. The removed dirt falls to the floor and can be swept away. Only the removed dirt has to be disposed. If you are cleaning with chemicals or solvents there is toxic hazardous waste remaining. The cost for disposal are very high.

No secondary waste

When blasting with sand, soda or water the abrasive itself becomes to hazardous waste when removing hazardous contaminations. Thereby a huge amount of secondary waste occurs. This waste has to be disposed with high costs. Especially when blasting with soda the vegetation in the surrounding area can be affected negatively.

CO2 production

CO2 occurs as a side product of other industrial manufacturing processes. Carbon dioxide is for example manufactured as a by product in ammonia and hydrogen plants, where methane is converted to CO2. A big amount of CO2 is made of a raw gas which occurs in the chemical processing of crude oil and natural gas. Furthermore CO2 occurs in combustion processes of power plants or at fermentation processes. In industrialized countries CO2 is no longer produced separately. CO2 is always a side product of other manufacturing processes.