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Cleaning of injection moulds:

Cleaning of moulds, removing oil and grease

The company Fischer Automotive Systems uses the IB 7/40 for cleaning of injection moulds.

Every time fine structured surfaces are required, the mould is cleaned every 15 runs with the IB 7/40.

To better get between / into the opened moulds Fischer Automotive uses the Kärcher angled nozzle.

Furthermore the extremely compact blasting gun offers a very good handling in very narrow places between / in moulds.

The IB 7/40 at Fischer-Automotive can be comfortably pushed through narrow corridors between the injection moulds. Thanks to the push cart principle steps are no handicap.

Technical Information:
  • Pressure: ca. 6 bar
  • Dry ice consumption: ca. 50 kg/h
Before After
Injection Mould before Dry Ice cleaning Injection Mould after Dry Ice cleaning